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What is Dependency Pain?

Dependency Pain is the psychological and emotional pain which can be caused by or expressed as chronic physical pain. Many with chronic pain run the risk of developing tolerance, chemical dependency, or addiction as the result of long-term or increased usage of opioid medications and other substances and compulsive behaviors such as alcohol, drugs, food, sex, or gambling.

Many patients with Dependency Pain have tried using substances ineffectively to feel better. These patients may benefit from access to medical professionals who understand the complexity of the pain, and are able to help them feel better fast. DPTC uses MEDICINE, COUNSELING, and SMARTPHONE TECHNOLOGY to help our patients feel normal again and manage the symptoms of Dependency Pain.

Dependency Pain Treatment Centers, or DPTC, specializes in treating the symptoms and underlying causes of Dependency Pain and Opioid Use Disorder.  Some of these symptoms include:

  • Taking opioids or alcohol and/or other drugs in larger amounts or for longer than intended.
  • Unsuccessful efforts or desire to cut back or control opioids, alcohol, and/or other drugs or compulsive behaviors.
  • Cravings and/or withdrawal from opioids, alcohol, and/or other drugs.

Please give us a call at (504) 535-7212 to schedule an assessment with a Dependency Pain specialist.

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What is Dependency Pain? 

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